Advertisement & Launching

Advertisements will be increased to spread the word of the company’s new program to

clients and the general public. Information sessions and online videos will be available to explain

this new system. This will attract customers and allow us to grow our database. Finally, our

application will be launched and we will be fully ready to use the new system for the 2016 tax


Evaluation Plan

During step 3 of the implementation plan, evaluations will take place to see whether the

app is working as hoped. Management will oversee clients and employees and take notes on their

observations. Notes should be focused around criteria including functionality, audience,

navigation/usability, advantages, disadvantages, cost, and accuracy. In addition, clients and

employees will be asked to take a survey evaluating the application. Clients will be given an

incentive to participate such as a 10% discount if they participate. The survey will be similar to

the following:

Evaluation Survey

Please rate the following items based on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being the highest and 1 being the






What do you like best about using TurboTax?

What do you least like about using TurboTax?

How would you improve the application?

Will you use TurboTax again next year?

TurboTax Recommendation 7

After the survey is completed by clients and employees and the notes from management

are compiled, the necessary changes will be made to enhance the app and we will go forth with

launching this new service.

TurboTax Recommendation 8


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