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experience, anger, grief, disbelief, and loss. To the family, they must consider

changing the daily schedules that they may take care of their patient. Also, they may

feel alienated from Mr. M’s family since he cannot recall their names. They also need to

spend more cash in the assisted home, for the extra care the facility gives to Mr. M.

That means a drain from their accounts.

To support the family and Mr. M, the nurse can put different interventions. First of all,

the nurse should perform daily rehabilitat ion sessions to help improving the

functioning of the brain. The doctor can also use memory photos to help remind the

patient about his past and help him reconnect with the family members (Hammer &

McPhee, 2019). In this condit ion, the patient normally wants attention and someone

who will understand and attend to him. As a result , the nurse should train the family

about the best ways of handling the patient and support ing him.

Considering the condit ions of Mr. M, it is clear that he faces numerous problems such

as surviving at the mercy of others. They have to feed him, bath him and dress him as

well. Addit ionally, he is experiencing paralysis part icular when under stroke. Mr. M also

faces the challenge of poor motor coordination. He therefore cannot undertake some

of the daily act ivit ies of life. Difficulty in speech and communication is another

problem he faces because he cannot properly coordinate his muscles, lips, and



Hammer, G. D., & McPhee, S. J. (2019). Pathophysiology of Disease: An introduction to

clinical medicine (8th Ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education

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 Student: Submitted to Grand Canyon University 0…

 Student: Submitted to Grand Canyon University 0…

 Grammatical problem: improving

 Passive voice: it is clear that

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